Applications: Grind Circuit Rougher

Unlock 50% of your Grind Circuit Capacity by Recovering Coarse Minerals from the Circulating Load

CiDRA’s novel technology rapidly recovers minerals at high recoveries with a high degree of selectivity on particles up to 3mm with low mass recovery with zero feed preparation requirements, in contrast to traditional rougher froth flotation operating at a grind size P80 between 100-200µm. P29 technology reduces energy required for grinding by the removal of coarse particles from the circulating load while maintaining benchmark recoveries. The released grind energy can then be used to increase throughput or reduce the overall grind size for flotation while using the same grind equipment. Testing and modelling has shown that for every one tonne of feed going to the P29 plant two tonnes of fresh plant feed can be processed through the same grind circuit, with some supporting equipment modifications and other de-bottlenecking activities.